June image upload

This month I've been shooting Harley Davidson's around Mount Teide and filming more footage.

I'm nowhere near ready and my previous prediction that I'd have enough for the end of the year is looking very doubtful,maybe the year after???

There's just not enough hours in the day but i guess there's one good thing Summers around the corner so i should be able to get out more...I'm looking forward to spending some extra time with my 10 month old daughter...

over & out....enjoy

My EPIC Home - Harley Davidson Experience

Life through a Lens

DeluXe - Harley Davidson Experience


Cool wind blows into our hair

Choc & Churros Vs Hotdogs & Coca-Cola

I turn my back on the black asphalt
strip that brought me here, then i look
out over the big blue adventure
that lies ahead.

American Dream - Harley Davidson Experience

Day Trippin - Harley Davidson Experience

The Harley Davidson Experience

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